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Today only: discount expires in

Congratulations! You just took your first step towards giving your girl her ultimate sexual experience a squirting orgasm.

Today only: discount expires in

Congratulations! You just took your first step towards giving your girl her ultimate sexual experience a squirting orgasm.

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When you enroll in the We Teach Squirting Masterclass, you’re going to get THREE time-sensitive bonus programs.


3X Penetration

This special report reveals a way of penetrating a woman that stimulates ALL 3 of her most sensitive pleasure points.

As you perform this pornstar-approved maneuver, you'll feel her body clench tightly around you in spasmic pulses...

Thousands of We Teach Squirting customers have paid $99.95 to get this how-to manual. Now, it can be yours. Free.


18 Positions That Guarantee An Orgasm

Are you worried it’s getting a little boring in the bedroom?

In this fully illustrated guide you’ll discover 18 positions -- yes, EIGHTEEN -- that can inject new excitement and passion into the bedroom.

Highlights include the vibrator-assisted ‘rumble island’ position… the ‘wetland adventure’ for shower sex… and the ‘power dog’ move which makes regular doggy style feel soooo boring.

And that’s not all. You also get…


How To Get Your Own Fvck Buddy

With your new skills, you’re going to want to make a LOT of women squirt, so here’s a way to turn any girl into a no-strings-attached sex buddy.

I’ll share with you one sentence you can say to any girl… no matter how hot she is… that pushes her “I have to sleep with him!” button.

She’ll be begging you to fuck her in under one hour!

How does it work? By triggering her “I need his approval” emotional hot buttons.

The best part is… When you say these 3 words, she’ll think having sex with you was her idea!

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Squirt Academy

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    Free “test-drive” access to Marcus’ elite level coaching program - Squirt Academy; His insiders-only community where he shares additional explicit squirting demonstrations on top female porn stars, as well as his breakthrough techniques for multiple squirting orgasms, using special positions to make your cock feel bigger and special female mind control tricks he develops on his adult shoots. Squirt Academy takes everything you learn in squirting school and takes it to the next level, bringing you a level of sexual power most men will never understand. It’s only 15.67 per week, billed monthly, and you will only be charged if you decide to stay past the 14 day test-drive period. It is easy to cancel with zero hassle by simply calling 1-877-207-1492 or by replying to the welcome email and requesting cancellation.

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